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Archive of chat held in session: coming soon

Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 12 years ago

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User from x.x.x.176 created virtual room 3 days ago

Darren Kuropatwa from x.x.x.176 left this message 3 days ago:

Congratulations! You found our chat room for Everything New Is Old Again. Use this space to discuss the ideas shared in the workshop and push back a the weak bits. Also, ask questions about anything you saw or heard that you want to know more about. Later, this chat will be archived on the presentation wiki: http://tinyurl.com/6dd684

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obamafan08 from x.x.x.237 left this message 65 seconds ago:

this is very cool!

pjhiggins: I can finally type.

lizbdavis: good morning

Michael Richards from x.x.x.206 left this message 22 seconds ago:

Greetings everyone

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Wade: good morning all

alicebarr: Hi all

fceblog from x.x.x.204 left this message 3 seconds ago:


obamafan08 from x.x.x.237 left this message:

is this something you can create from PBWiki or some place else? my students would love to chat during classes and I would love to see their comments/conversation

Bud Hunt from x.x.x.132 joined the chat 5 seconds ago

Jim Burke from x.x.x.6 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Jim Burke: Ah . . . never used Chatzy before . . . hmmmmmm. .

Jim Burke: Good morning.

Bud Hunt: Good morning.

pjhiggins: good morning everyone.

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bobsprankle from x.x.x.192 left this message 8 seconds ago:

These guys rock

fceblog: Morning Bud

lizbdavis: chatzy is a free chat space separate from pb wiki - search chatzy - I think you have to pay if you want to be able to archive the chat

lizbdavis: chatzy is a free chat space separate from pb wiki - search chatzy - I think you have to pay if you want to be able to archive the chat

dennisar from x.x.x.176 joined the chat 11 seconds ago

dennisar: hi friends

paula: Does anyone know whether the same thing is available in wikispaces?

bobsprankle from x.x.x.192 joined the chat 6 seconds ago

pjhiggins: I like Darren's idea of pushing the students to write their own textbook. Lots of student power involved there.

Robin Ellis: Morning everyone

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KarenJan from x.x.x.253 left this message 6 seconds ago:

Hi, Robin - great to see you here!

KarenJan from x.x.x.253 joined the chat 10 seconds ago

lizbdavis: Hi Robin we miss you

Kern from x.x.x.88 joined the chat 4 seconds ago

alicebarr: Wow! All free tools should make school districts very happy!

alicebarr: Darren: Have you shown your students' work to atext book company?

Kern: $25 - cool

Deacs84 from x.x.x.9 left this message:

Morning everyone...

Jim Burke: Morning, Kern

Dave Truss: if you search chatzy.com when you are logged in it comes back here, but if you do so after you log out, you go to chatzy's site.

bobsprankle: except... districts are afraid to take that plunge... textbooks = false security

Kern: Hi Jim, are there at BLC?

Wade: Check out the book from ISTE - "Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools"

bobsprankle: hey kern!

Jim Burke: Nope . . . having morning coffee at home. :)

obamafan08 from x.x.x.237 left this message 4 seconds ago:

we have a terrible textbook for my course, so i think i'm going to explore this idea

Lucy Gray from x.x.x.136 joined the chat

Lucy Gray: Hi Everyone

stevesoko from x.x.x.130 left this message 2 seconds ago:

You can do smaller projects rather than a textbooks

Kern: Hey Bob - nice preso yesterday

lizbdavis: I sometimes freelance as a text book writer - I haven't gotten any work lately

alicebarr: But the info in the text books are rapidly going out of date

obamafan08 from x.x.x.237 joined the chat

bhazzard from x.x.x.222 joined the chat

Lucy Gray: Does anyone have the link to their wiki?

paula: My students have a textbook but they (we) rarely use it. I'm going to try scribe posting next year.

KarenJan: love how they are modeling what they do!

Lucy Gray: The publishers need to radically change their business models in the mode of iTunes stirring up the music industry

fceblog: http://dkuropatwablc08.pbwiki.com/Everything New is Old Again

Bud Hunt: Hmm. Am I missing the ustream link for this presentation?

Lucy Gray: Thank you!

pjhiggins: Great point, Lucy.

LoriB: I'd be really interested in information about how you do scribe posting with primary level children (K-2)

Kern: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-monday

Robin Ellis: @lizbdavis I wish I was there:)

Bud Hunt: @lorib: I'vr always thought a primary cass might scribe together, with the teacher transcribing.

KarenJan: is there a ustream chat, too - can't get into the ustream

vbek from x.x.x.172 left this message 4 seconds ago:

morning everyone

Lucy Gray: I like this video

Lucy Gray: Hi Valerie

Bud Hunt: Thanks, Kern.

KarenJan: sense of purpose is important to our students

Lucy Gray: It's a Nokia ad... the fourth screen

Robin Ellis: anyone know is this video posted somewhere?

alicebarr: WOW! The 4th screen

alicebarr: and purpose

Kern: Yes, it's on Youtube

lloydcrew: great slides and video

Robin Ellis: thank you

MariaK from x.x.x.103 joined the chat 3 seconds ago

Lucy Gray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpeNk3E36YU&eurl=http://bleongcw.typepad.com/simple_is_the_reason_of_m/2008/06/nokias-4th-scre.html

LoriB: @bud thanks!

Lucy Gray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpeNk3E36YU

jorrflv from x.x.x.174 joined the chat

dennisar: What is the name of this fort in Boston Harbor?

pjhiggins: talking about chacha.com

Bud Hunt: @lorib: I think pictures would be an important piece of that.

Mark Carls from x.x.x.72 joined the chat 6 seconds ago

obamafan08: what about schools that want to completely ban cell phones???

pjhiggins: great stuff. Send them a text with the question: "what is the plot summary for the Great Gatsby?" and got it within seconds.

Kern: kindof like mahalo

pjhiggins: whole summary with links.

Dave Truss: Hi Claudia @fceblog... talked about you in yesterday's session:-)

Mark Carls: @pjhiggins A friend wanted to work for them. About 20 cents a text if you answer. Sometimes the answer comes with a little zing to it, I like it.

scheney: students as chacha "employees"...very cool!

dennisar: Have you sees ChaCa.com? https://www.chacha.com/

scheney: neat way to make connections in a real way

KarenJan: how does instant information change content

KarenJan: @dennisar - have used it- quite remarkable!

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message 10 seconds ago:

Before we had on demand info, we just didn't get answers at times and there were a lot of dead periods and I was bored a lot.

fceblog: @Dave did you? Now you make me so curious.

bhazzard: did anyone get that?

sujokat from x.x.x.82 joined the chat 11 seconds ago

bhazzard: what is that email account?

sujokat: hi all cant get the ustream to work

fceblog: @bhazzard same question.

fceblog: You send and tag your pic at the same time.

bhazzard: set59local@photos.flickr.com

KarenJan: virtually send a picture right now to set59local@photos.flickr.com

Mark Carls: Forgot I can't chat on ustream from BOCES place. Thanks for the links.

bhazzard: sent a pic

Mark Carls: Darren really pushes my thinking about the possibilities of a math class!

fceblog: @bhazzard Thanks

betchaboy from x.x.x.123 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

betchaboy: where do we send them to?

pjhiggins: the email address above. set59local@photos.flickr.com

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message:

If you want to send photo of where you are to Darren,

Mark Carls: I see above he must've said something about having the students write their own textbook. What did he say they use for that?

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message:

phiggins are you here in the room at BLC,?

bhazzard: creativity needs a boundary... interesting

jepcke from x.x.x.51 joined the chat 4 seconds ago

bhazzard: who sent pictures in? and from where?

bhazzard: I sent a picture in from Canada in my den!

Mark Carls: I do like GCast.

Dave Truss: have iphone envy as my ancient phone won't send a photo for some reason! Not every old is new again ;-)

Kern: I did from Maine

pjhiggins: @cheryloakds50, yes. Middle of room. Striped shirt. Think Where's Waldo.

lizbdavis: Kern are you in the u-stream?

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message 6 seconds ago:

Bob's link off the bitbybit www.bobsprankle.com

bhazzard: @Kern right on! Main and Canada betchaboy did you sent on in from Australia?

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message 11 seconds ago:

Cell phones should not be banned. I got some press coverage because I offered a class teaching educators how to use cell phones even though they were banned in NYC. You can search the following to check it out...

New York teachers learn cell phone lessons - UPI.com

Lisa Nielsen, the creator of the class and a manager of professional development at ... is not to undermine Mayor Michael Bloomberg's school cell phone ban. ...

Despite School Cell Phone Ban, Course Sees Them as Aid - May 16 ...

The creator of the class, Lisa Nielsen, who manages professional development ... encourage teachers and principals to flout Mr. Bloomberg's cell phone ban. ...

Kern: @lizdavis yep, but no chat though

Dave Truss: @pjhiggin row in front of you

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message 2 seconds ago:

Ok, I bumped into you when I came in the room, HI! finally I meet you.

betchaboy: @bhazzard yep

bhazzard: here are the photos sent in!

bhazzard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/

sujokat from x.x.x.82 left the chat 13 seconds ago

fceblog: I like that comment about internet access. Makes me feel closer to you ;-)

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message 6 seconds ago:

Kern, I don't know what happened to chat, although the previous presentor complained of the speed in this room, so who knows.

Lisa Thumann from x.x.x.244 joined the chat 5 seconds ago

kathycassidy from x.x.x.185 joined the chat 24 seconds ago

Bud Hunt: I think it'd be fun to try to compose a narrative via flickr photo uploads or maybe a Tumblr doing a similar process.

Kern: no problem, chatzy's working great

obamafan08: what are those devices called again?

Lisa Thumann: eeepc


obamafan08: thanks!

Bud Hunt: Huh. Photo upload's failed twice.

bhazzard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/tags/newisold08/

pjhiggins: finally identified David Truss.

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message:

If cell phones are banned then technically laptops should be banned because they now have the same functions.

Dave Truss: it was a bit like Where's Waldo this week!

Bud Hunt: @innovativeedu - It's not really the hardware that schools want to block/ban, I think. It's the unfiltered access to another network.

obamafan08: believe it or not ... students at my school can bring in laptops but are not allowed to connect to the network

obamafan08: and we are seriously trying to figure out our cell phone policy, leaning towards banning because teachers complain about students texting so much

obamafan08: as the tech coordinator it's very frustrating

Lisa Thumann: I believe that it's up to the tech team to protect the network - they should allow everyone on, and maintain all the virus protection

Bud Hunt: @obamafan: I believe it. Building networks in schools that we can use with non-school devices is gonig to be a big challenge fro schools over the next few years.

fceblog: 'How to blurr the boundaries of what is online and offline'

Kern: this video is so cool

KarenJan: @obamafan - here that often - we need to change the view of the IT dept. as being the gatekeeper's of the knowledge

betchaboy: what is it a challenge? Just let the kids access a web only connection?

obamafan08: exactly -- but it's been a very slow process

Mark Carls: Not sure the last time I used Chatzy, I wish it let me stay above when and read previous when a new post comes up.

SallyG from x.x.x.18 joined the chat 7 seconds ago

bhazzard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98u1HuqS7Nk the video referenced

obamafan08: right now no access at all -- just use their laptops for taking notes, offline stuff

Bud Hunt: @betchaboy: THe challenge is helping folks to understand that we need to be leveraging both school devices and non-school devices on the same networks. (It shouldn't be a challenge. But it seems to be.)

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message 5 seconds ago:

Kern and Jim good to see you from afar. Betchaboy, yah for joining.

obamafan08: not my choice!

Mark Carls: I love this idea that everything new is old again!

Bud Hunt: WE've got a city-wide wi-fi network, so we're "losing control" of who's connected to what. (Like we ever actually HAD that control.)

betchaboy: at my school we will add any student device (laptops, Iphones, etc) to the guest (web only) network.

obamafan08: at my school, no outside devices at all -- even teachers

Mark Carls: It didn't say Superman for DarrenK

Mark Carls: Sounds like a great group in there as well.

betchaboy: is it a filters issue?

Bud Hunt: @betchaboy: And that's excellent.

Kern: while on videos if you have check out Radiohead's interactive video you

Kern: oops - here it is http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/

betchaboy: yah, it's amazing that radiohead video

betchaboy: the cc licensed the underlying data...

obamafan08: security -- IT dept very worried about that -- obviously -- but it's ridiculous

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message:

@budhunt - huh, that makes sense. Well, I'll work on my argument against that. Basically, it's the idea that the have access outside of school walls and we're not preparing them for the world outside of school. Development still needed though.

Robin Ellis: we are going to be implementing a guest network as well in the coming school year

Bud Hunt: @betchaboy: I think its more a conceptual issue. Why would kids need to connect devices? They're at school. (Biggest no-brainer in the world to me.) It's also a money issue. You mean we've got to have TWO networks?

Bud Hunt: @innovationedu: Also a bit of a control issue.

betchaboy: ah, see we have two networks... the regular wifi one and another wifi vlan that sits over the top of it, that is open to any students.

obamafan08: money is definitely an issue

KarenJan: @obamafan - get the parents involved

pjhiggins: @robinellis: we have a guest network that the students can access using mobile internet devices. Works well.

fceblog: @bud more than a bit

Bud Hunt: @fceblog: Yes.

KarenJan: @obamafan - get the parents involved

betchaboy: so cost of two nerworks is a non issue really... it' s a flick of a switch in the router

Kern: when I ask my students, they say school is the ONLY place where they can't use what they take for granted everywhere else - go figure

obamafan08: @karenjan I told the students to start a petition

Robin Ellis: @pjhiggins yes it does also works well for presenter from outside

Lucy Gray: My pics won't show up in Flickr

Lucy Gray: What am I missing?!?

Bud Hunt: @betchaboy: Tell that to the guys who are already overwhelmed by work and don't have enough help.

Bud Hunt: @lucy - Mine, either. Not sure.

Lisa Thumann: @pjhiggins - you are in a progressive district - you should talk more about what your teachers are doing - great things!

fceblog: I think it is more of a control issue than money. They'd pay...but for control.

Mark Carls: I tried to send a cellphone pic, but must've messed up as well.

obamafan08: control is HUGE

mrsdurff from x.x.x.33 joined the chat 8 seconds ago

KarenJan: @obama - that's an important 21st century skill - involvement over complancy

KarenJan: @obama - that's an important 21st century skill - involvement over complancy

mrsdurff: like i said, i love my network

pjhiggins: @lisathumann. Thx. But when I see what Darren and Clarence are pushing forward with, I get really anxious. I want to bring it back and go, go, go.

obamafan08: i agree 100%

betchaboy: network management is always a balance between a need for security and a need for openness...

mrsdurff: let me ping this

Robin Ellis: @betchaboy yes it really is not an "additional:cost just the way network set up

KarenJan: complacency

fceblog: Slide 22

alicebarr: @Lucy Mine are being rejected by server

mrsdurff: everyone see wiffiti?

obamafan08: @pjhiggins i feel the same way but wow is my school old fashioned in so much of their thinking

mrsdurff: my principal says i am disrupting - i love it!

obamafan08: the idea of students writing the textbook will be difficult to for many to hear

Lisa Thumann: @durff - link please?

dennisar: http://www.wiffiti.com/

dennisar: Anyone reading Disrupting Class?

obamafan08: but i can't wait to try so much of what i've gotten over these last few days out with my classes

KarenJan: @obamafan - do they have a hard time hearing that many of their students are shut out of using textbooks because they have print disabilities? (reading struggles)

jepcke: I love that he assigns videos and podcasts.

Lisa Thumann: http://www.wiffiti.com/ - Very cool -thanks for sharng

mrsdurff: i disrupt an entire school @dennisar

betchaboy: wow, dennis, that looks amazing!

obamafan08: @karenjan oh you have no idea -- big YES

Mark Carls: @dennisar Thanks for the wiffiti link......I guess Data Warehouse may have to wait until later today!

Kern: last year we got iPods to assign podcasts and beable to hand students that need the machines to listen to them (most already had them ;)

skydaddy from x.x.x.3 joined the chat 10 seconds ago

skydaddy: info on the Chem prof they just mentioned: http://www.educause.edu/Community/MemDir/Profiles/JeanClaudeBradley/54129

mrsdurff: clarence is brilliant!

mrsdurff: hi skydaddy

mrsdurff: openoffice

Kern: everyone see Google Doc Templates? http://docs.google.com/templates

Mark Carls: They are using all of this stuff (not as sure about all the stuff on Skype & I know Darren has Flickr Pro), but it is all FREE!

lizbdavis: @dennis It is my next book. The authors are in watertown, ma. I had coffee with one of them about a month ago. Very cool and very interesting.

KarenJan: love it requiring google docs, google account

skydaddy: What about parents' provacy concerns? How do they address that?

mrsdurff: i require an email

mrsdurff: we don't provide email

Kern: we send a permission slip home parents have to sign

mrsdurff: i tried gaggle and prefer gmail

dennisar: Jean-Claude Bradley, Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, USA http://usefulchem.blogspot.com/

skydaddy: Kern - and if they don;t want to sign it?

mrsdurff: chat doesn't bother me

Bud Hunt: Darren's right. And the Google Apps for Education allow for lots of flexibility and control.

Mark Carls: Great ustream, I'm hoping to go back and show this to some teachers I work with, they are really answering many questions.

Jenny luca from x.x.x.63 left this message 2 seconds ago:

Hi everybody -great presentation

mrsdurff: i want them to backchannel

Kern: @skydaddy - who, the student or parent?

cheryloakes50 from x.x.x.127 left this message 2 seconds ago:

great chem teacher at Drexxel, PA

hope someone has the name, Bradley

lizbdavis: @kern I hadn't seen that - thanks for sharing it. Great resource.

skydaddy: parents probably

Mark Carls: @Kern I have seen the new GoogleDocs templates, I just haven't used Docs much this summer.

mrsdurff: and last 10 mins of two classes/week is for gaming/chatting anyway

KarenJan: who saw The Who perform Baba O'Rielly last night on VH1

lizbdavis: @kern I hadn't seen that - thanks for sharing it. Great resource.

Kern: I LIVE on Docs

Bud Hunt: @cheryl: An entry point: http://www.chemistry.drexel.edu/people/bradley/bradley.asp

mrsdurff: is it on the web karenjan?

obamafan08: @mrsduff what grade?

Jenny luca from x.x.x.63 joined the chat

lizbdavis: @kern I hadn't seen that - thanks for sharing it. Great resource.

mrsdurff: hi jenny!

Jenny luca: Hi Lisa (Im right -it is Lisa isn't it?)

skydaddy: isn't that "teenage wasteland?"

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message 8 seconds ago:

To read about a school in NYC using Google for everything and transform education, read http://theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com/2008/06/power-of-21st-century-teaching-and.html

mrsdurff: yup

scheney: great video clips

mrsdurff: ty

betchaboy: @bhazzard got a link to that video?

Kern: @liz here's the handout I give teachers - http://tinyurl.com/2o8xtw

mrsdurff: or better do they have all on a wiki?

fceblog: It's about putting people together. I like that.

skydaddy: now then - how do we get these ideas out to reluctant / resistant / skeptical faculty?

Jenny luca: Great point -it's the learning not the tools -this is what we have to push in our schools

fceblog: Teacher as network administrator

dennisar: Good q - how do you bring kids together with information and each other?

mrsdurff: i didn't push ythe skype yet

jepcke: @kern Wow nice handout. Did you make it in ComicLife?

mrsdurff: a had a few anyway

Mark Carls: Are these people rotating every 2 hours or so to a new presentation?

pjhiggins: Teacher as primary learner.

Jenny luca: Skype has transformed things for my classroom

skydaddy: jenny - absolutely - the tool is just a tool. draw a picture in the dirt w/ your finger and it's digital media

mrsdurff: @dennisar challenge to find each other

mrsdurff: it works

mrkimmi from x.x.x.181 left this message:

NOt sure I like chatzy

Bud Hunt: @kern - Cool handout.

Kern: yep then store it in issuu.com

mrsdurff: kimmi!

Kern: thanks

mrsdurff: be good kimmi, say hi

fceblog: Slide 28

obamafan08: @mrkimmi you need to join the chat, right now you're just on the message board

mrkimmi from x.x.x.181 left this message 5 seconds ago:

Hello everyone, I am being critical.

mrsdurff: the power of the network is where your network is kimmi

pjhiggins: Hi mrkimmi. Good to see you here.

bhazzard: human network video (full length) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBLZkdK1SDw

mrkimmi from x.x.x.181 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

mrkimmi: Oh...

mrsdurff: that's better

mrsdurff: ty ben

mrkimmi: I get it, I am slow,..

mrkimmi: Hey Patrick

Wade: Good. Its all about comunity.

fceblog: I'd like to see the graph in slide 28 on a world map, not a circle. Wonder if some tool would do that.

skydaddy: the tools just connect hte people

InnovativeEdu from x.x.x.87 left this message:

How can we see this on UStream?

mrkimmi: Can't imagine how cool it would be to be in a room with Darren and Clarence

mrsdurff: i didn't see the slides

lloydcrew from x.x.x.246 joined the chat 4 seconds ago

skydaddy: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-monday

mrsdurff: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-monday

bhazzard: i like this human network spot the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p75upNpHUY

Kern: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technology-monday

dennisar: my tweetwheel is loading http://www.tweetwheel.com

mrsdurff: you beat me

skydaddy: simul-post!

mrsdurff: why do i even try?

Kern: :D

mrsdurff: i'll just go get more coffee

skydaddy: Yup - I made that point some time ago

skydaddy: hey- bring me a cup? ;-0

twoworldwalker from x.x.x.81 left this message 3 seconds ago:

bhazzard: are you in this physical room right now, or remote? I'm a big fan of your podcast

LoriB: I love that quote from the last video "People subscribe to people, not magazines"

skydaddy: twoworldwalker - join the chat; you're in the mesage board

bhazzard: @twoworldwalker I'm remote... in my den with my smoothie and coffee. Are you on site? Thanks for the kind words

skydaddy: Lori - I've used that line in a lot of presos; it really gets attention

pjhiggins: calling out @lucygray.

mrsdurff: i don't get that message board thing

mrsdurff: tweetwheel does take a while

LoriB: skydaddy - I plan to use it often now myself

KarenJan: we say it's not about the tools but the tools allow us to do things we never were able to even imagine! what will be able to do in our classrooms in even 6 months or a year from now?

mrsdurff: opensource anytime learning

mrkimmi: tweetwheel is a great idea, but time consuming

mrsdurff: that is what these tools allow

Kern: @karenjan What classroom - who needs walls anymore ;)

obamafan08: when you get on chatzy you're on a message board until you click on join chat -- i had the same issue at the beginning of the session

mrsdurff: how many of us are not at blc08?

dennisar: our students have so much to say - who's listening?

mrsdurff: ty obama

mrkimmi: I am not

lizbdavis: @kern that handout is amazing. what did you use to create it?

mrsdurff: well me neither

dennisar: darren has student voices podcasts

obamafan08: @denisar NOT my administrators LOL

mrkimmi: other students, outside of school, or in it when we are not looking

alicebarr: This is so cool how students figured out a way to mentor each other

mrsdurff: how many are not in the USA?

KarenJan: @kern - it's a $550 billion/yr industry - public schools aren't going away

jepcke: @lizdavis Looks like Comic Life to me

mrkimmi: @alicebarr I have enjoyed the Bit by Bits of your podcasting class

Lisa Thumann: @durff - I just want to point out that about 15 of us are in this room - we all new this was an important session to attend

lloydcrew: mentoring...what a great life skill!

Kern: @liz we made it in comic life, converted to a PDF then uploaded to issuu.com

alicebarr: Thank you mrkimmi It was Bob Sprankle who recorded for us

mrsdurff: have you seenBrian Mull & son's ustream where his son teaches about webkinz?

mrkimmi: @alicebarr Planning on sharing and implementing some fo the things that I have heard

pjhiggins: I love this idea of mentoring.

lizbdavis: I made some tutorials for the google apps: www.21ctools.wikispaces.com but they aren't as much fun as @kern's

mrsdurff: ty lisathumann

pjhiggins: really going to push for this next year.

twoworldwalker from x.x.x.81 joined the chat

Kern: I think the greatest opportunity we can give to our students is to teach others

alicebarr: students mentoring student teachers !

dennisar: @obamafan08 it's hard to listen

scheney: mentor spagehtti

mrsdurff: i need to learn how to mentor online

scheney: love it!

lloydcrew: network spagetti great term

bhazzard: show the flickr page!

mrsdurff: STAY!

fceblog: I really like presentations with two presenters. Conversational style guaranteed.

mrkimmi: How cool would that make a student feel, mentoring a preservice teacher

mrsdurff: tell them i vote stay

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jepcke: It's not about the tools, it's about the people! So true!

bhazzard: There are 33 pics on the Flickr page... great idea Darren and Clarence!

mrsdurff: connections first

betchaboy: show us the finished Flickr slideshow

Kern from x.x.x.88 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

pjhiggins: Darren spoke about assessing students only after they teach the content, like surgeons.

obamafan08: nice to "meet" you all -- enjoy the last day!

mrsdurff: what is the url for the flickr?

skydaddy: the "long tail" is tangled like the tail of a Celtic Critter in the Book of Kells

bhazzard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/tags/newisold08/

dennisar: tweetwheel still loading my friends - not sure if that is good or bad.

mrsdurff: ty

fceblog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/tags/newisold08/

bhazzard: there you go mrsdruff

Kern: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/page2/

skydaddy: *clap!

Kern: *clap clap *

Jenny luca: Disappearance of the expert -great

mrsdurff: CLAP CLAP

skydaddy: so - who's streaming the keynote? :-)

mrsdurff: thank you network!

bhazzard: way to go Darren and Clarence!

mrkimmi: @pjhiggins Do tehy teach via a vodcast or actually teach someone

mrsdurff: and streamer!

obamafan08: *clap clap clap*

mrsdurff: where to next?





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